5 Meal Choices That Can Stop Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Published: 12th December 2011
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A diet to help fatty livercan be used to treat fatty liver disease. By limiting the intake of fats and consuming the right foods in moderation, liver function can greatly improve over time.

Staying away from fatty foods is of utmost importance. However, a liver friendly diet must be closely monitored because other foods (such as those high in fructose) can also further exasperate the problem. Diet alone won't cure a fatty liver. Eating the right foods must be combined with an exercise program and other lifestyle changes to reduce weight gradually as obesity is a major contributing factor to fatty liver disease.

This article will reveal 5 tips for getting rid of excess fat and improving a fatty liver. Let's look closer at each of the 5 tips.

1.) Go For Complex Carbohydrates

If you're not sure how to tell the difference between complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, then a good rule of thumb to follow is to pick browns over whites. Say no to white rice and bread. Say yes to brown rice and whole grains.

Steer clear of candy and other sweets comprised of mostly simple carbohydrates. Do your best to stay away from sweets, but if you have a craving you just can't control than be sure to limit yourself and try to avoid the highest fat sweets like egg cakes, most cookies, and doughnuts.

2.) Limit Your Consumption Of Dairy Products

Dairy products should be consumed sparingly under most fatty liver diet guidelines. If you currently consume a lot of whole or 2% milk, then try 1% or skim milk or look for other milk alternatives. This refers to both drinking milk and using it in cooking recipes.

When it comes to dairy products like cheeses and yogurts do your best to seek out low-fat or non-fat options as this will be most beneficial to a fatty liver.

3.) Steer Clear Of Fats

If you want to get rid of fat in your liver, then it's extremely important to limit fat intake in your diet to no more than 30% of your overall caloric intake. You should be aware saturated fats and oils are usually worse than unsaturated ones, but neither should be consumed in excess. When it comes to butter, try low-fat and non-fat alternatives.

Condiments and salad dressings should be greatly limited because they typically have a high fat content. The same is true of egg yolks. Always keep an eye out for low-fat and non-fat food options.

4.) When You Have The Choice, Choose White Meats Over Dark Meats

As a general rule, white meats such as tuna, chicken, and turkey are going to be better for fatty liver patients than dark meats. Ribs and wings taste great, but they aren't a good choice for fatty liver patients. Neither are hot dogs, sausages, and other processed meats. Tuna can be a good meat source as are chicken and turkey. When possible try to get free range chicken and turkey as these shouldn't have the chemicals, antibiotics, etc. that are often associated with farm or commercial raised poultry.

5.) Consume More Fiber

A diet for fatty liver disease isn't complete without plenty of fiber rich foods. You can get fiber from things like fruits and vegetables. Nuts and grains are also great sources.

Last but not least, try eating some greens, leaves, and citrus fruits to give your liver a boost from folic acid and vitamin C. Bran can be beneficial as well.


Next, here's how to formulate the most complete fatty liver diet plan. If you really want to improve your health and stop FLD from developing into non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), liver cirrhosis, or worse, then learn how to reduce liver fat today by heading over to: Symptoms Of Fatty Liver

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